Workplace Wellness

Foster a healthy and productive workplace with the insights of our Workplace Wellness Genies who inspire, motivate, spread joy, health, and wellness. It’s been proven that organiztions with workplace with a healthy culture increases productivity, profitabilty, and workplace desirability.

Jon Levy

Discover the critical changes to management style so that employees don’t burn out and instead continue to take pride in the work they do.

Jason Selk

Achieve accountability by using the big three mental toughness fundamentals to unlock hidden potential and drive home results.

Erin Palinski-Wade

Small, simple actions they can implement immediately, this program will help to boost employee health resulting in less sick leave and reduced healthcare expenses.

Linda Cohen

Improve communication, boost teamwork, and promote interpersonal interaction through engagement and focus on cultivating a stronger culture of kindness.

Eric Termuende

Techniques to differentiate your organization’s story to new candidates and existing team members with strategies built around communication and trust.

Ben Nemtin

Implement practices that increase wellbeing during times of stress, anxiety and burnout. Manage aspects of your life to fight off professional burnout.

Debby Carreau

Discuss the business value of creating a great workplace, becoming an award winning employer, and step-by-step how to create a workplace that is irresistibly great.