Tech & Innovation

Staying up to date and being a forward thinker is imperative to your organization’s overall success. Our Genies who are innovators and thought leaders will provide you team with the knowledge and insights to stay ahead of the curve.

Josh Linkner

Master a few of the most powerful brainstorming techniques to help your organization build a culture that thrives on fresh thinking and new embraces.

Natalie Nixon

Learn principles of improvisation and the key questions your leadership should be able to answer and then use to assist teams and employees.

Jack Uldrich

Seize the opportunity to be in the forefront of our constantly changing society by implementing the critical skill of unlearning within your organization.

Steve Wozniak

Prep your company with sharp insights and proven success strategies with Apple co-founder and Silicon Valley icon, Steve Wozniak.

Cate Trotter

Implement simple decision-making frameworks to ensure your organization invests in game-changers, not gimmicks over time.

Vivek Wadhwa

Evaluate whether a new technology will benefit everyone equally; whether the rewards outweigh the risks; and whether it promotes autonomy or leads to dependency.

Robin Farmanfarmian

Explore how the changes within the tech industry are impacting intellectual property landscape, and providing massive opportunities for new business development.