Diversity & Inclusion

Employees now more than ever are wanting increased Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the workplace. Our Diversity and Inclusion Genie will help you tackle and facilitate  conversations around race, gender, sexuality, and more. Gain an understanding with a plan of action for topics around unconscious bias, inclusive work cultures, intersectionality, and other areas for growth within your company.

Tony Chatman

Identify and embrace change as the opportunity to create clarity about unconscious bias blind spots which affect behavior and decisions.

Gulnar Vaswani

Explore culturally-appropriate tools that can be used to resolve and mediate difficult conversations.

Jess Pettitt

Create a working definition of “Being an Ally” that is motivating and positive and not based on a deficit or perfection model.

Dr. Sam Kline

Develop diversity and inclusion practices that seamlessly promotes a positive and healthy company culture.

DeEtta Jones

Learn about the powerful role of culture in shaping our realities; and walk away with clear next step options for making targeted efforts to increase their effectiveness working across cultures.

Josh Levs

Attract and Retain the Best Employees, Boost Women’s Leadership, and Achieve Gender Equality.

Amy C. Waninger

Remove the artificial barriers that may be keeping you from your next mentor, star hire, or big customer.

Brandon Farbstein

Acquire the Ten Feet Tall inclusive mindset that provides the tools to expand your team’s gifts to create a life overflowing with potential.